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Think presentation, not confrontation

When it’s time to deliver a message of hope to the afflicted, 1 Method is there to show you how and light the way.

1 Method Center’s Intervention services serve as a crucial lifeline for individuals and families navigating the complexities of addiction and mental health challenges. With a compassionate and strategic approach, our team facilitates open and constructive conversations, guiding families through the process of encouraging their loved ones to seek help. Our interventions are tailored to the unique dynamics of each situation, fostering understanding and empathy. By providing a structured platform for communication, our services aim to break down barriers, dispel denial, and pave the way for a collective commitment to healing. Through a combination of expertise, empathy, and a commitment to positive outcomes, 1 Method Center’s Intervention services play a pivotal role in initiating transformative journeys toward recovery and well-being for both individuals and their families.

We believe the rewards of intervening are much greater and far outweigh the risks of doing nothing. We’re here to help. Call 1-800-270-1389 for more information..

Begin your Healing Journey today and get started on your road to recovery and healing with 1 Method Center.

Giving the gift of intervention

Finding yourself in a position of needing to intervene is uncomfortable and challenging. Knowing what to say, how to say it, and finding the perfect moment to do it can present problems and conflicting emotions. It’s important to realize that giving the gift of intervention can mean the difference between life and death for someone you care about deeply. Where there is life there is hope. But there can also be denial and intransigence. To help you find the way through this resistance here are some important factors to keep in mind when it comes to intervention:


Intervention doesn’t always result in someone going to treatment; intervene anyway. The act of intervention can plant the seeds of awareness and change, offering a pathway for individuals to reconsider their choices and embrace the support needed for a healthier, more fulfilling life.


Interventions are designed to help the individual and their loved ones. Even if immediate change doesn’t occur, the seeds of awareness and the foundation for future transformation are sown, fostering the potential for positive shifts in the individual’s journey toward recovery.


Conflict can be a touchstone to intimacy. Navigating and resolving conflicts can deepen understanding, strengthen emotional bonds, and create a foundation for more authentic and connected relationships.


The time to act is now. Every action, regardless of the outcome, contributes to personal growth, resilience, and the ongoing journey of self-discovery.

The Basics of Intervention

There are many ways to intervene. For obvious reasons, a professional intervention is usually the most practical approach – more practical than a shouting or shaming match and much better than an unplanned medical or legal intervention (e.g.: a health crisis or arrest). Some intervention styles are better suited for your family than others.

Intervention is a process that unfolds in stages. These are related to the Stages of Change, i.e. Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, and Maintenance. The task of an intervention is to move the afflicted to Action. During each phase, the interventionist acts as a conductor who directs the symphony of emotions and ushers the intervention to a conclusive, definitive goal.

The goal of intervention is to get someone to accept the fact that help is needed and agree to seek that help. The hope in every intervention is to hear the words, “I’ll go.” Recognizing the need for help is better than having to be forced into rehab. If an intervention gets a person to seek treatment, it’s a positive step – no matter how that step was taken.

That said, not every intervention results in immediate enrollment. It’s often a process, not an event. But there are things you can do to increase your chances of success. Hiring a professional interventionist is one of them. Their experience allows them to stay focused on the facts and the task at hand. Professional objectivity is important.

If you need information about interventions, message us or call us for a consultation today.

The 1 method Intervention Philosophy

At 1 Method Center, we believe when the heart speaks the heart listens. Our philosophy, “individual problems need to be treated in individual ways,” demonstrates our core values and the approach we take to intervention and treatment.

The best intervention isn’t a confrontation. It’s a presentation. ― Cassidy Cousens, founder, 1 Method Center

If an intervention was easy, everyone who cares about someone with an addiction problem would be able to do it and successfully direct someone to treatment. Intervention is an art that requires walking a very fine tightrope and knowing how to do it with diplomacy without falling or having to start over again. It is equal parts compassion, emotion, and facts. Most importantly, it is a call to action. It is knowing how to respond to resistance without letting your personal emotions get in the way. It is about letting someone know that you care enough about them to be honest in your concern so that they are open to the concept of seeking treatment and getting the help they need. The only hero in treatment is the truth. 

Begin your Healing Journey today and get started on your road to recovery and healing with 1 Method Center.

Our Commitment

Treatment begins and ends with your loved one.

1 Method Center is committed to being with your family every step of the way.

Intervention may lead your loved one to seek help. Our individualized attention, personalized approach and proven methods will yield results.

We are here to help

To connect with an interventionalist at 1 Method please call 1-800-270-1389. This call is free.

Intervention does not always lead to someone immediately seeking treatment but planting the initial kernel of truth can establish a foundation of communication that may eventually lead the afflicted to seek help. Showing that you care enough to speak that first kernel may plant the seeds needed to make things blossom.

Begin your Healing Journey today and get started on your road to recovery and healing with 1 Method Center.