Our Philosophy

Discover an effective approach to healing and mental health support.

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Individual problems need to be treated in individual ways

This stand-alone statement is the driving force and guiding principle that anchors all our programs. It is the overriding concept and theme that shapes your experience with us at 1 Method. Most professionals agree an individualized philosophy is an essential component of successful treatment for addiction, dual diagnosis, and co-occurring mental health issues. A comprehensive clinical view helps you get started and continue moving forward.

What makes a rehab effective is very straightforward: Employing the right care in the right way at the right time. These principles of modality, approach, and timing are integral aspects of our philosophy. 1 Method understands that if any key components are missing from the clinical equation, treatment will stall. We strive to keep your care on track and partner with you to create a strong foundation for your success. Nearly a decade has shown us that a discriminating, focused philosophy is critical for ensuring the best care. These are important qualities to look for and keep in mind when researching your treatment center options.

Begin your Healing Journey today and get started on your road to recovery and healing with 1 Method Center.

Finding the Root Causes

“Not why the addiction but why the pain.”― Gabor Maté

Most self-destructive pathology, including addiction, is rooted in trauma, pain, or unresolved sources of suffering. The focus of our treatment protocol is to uncover their origins and address these core issues so that you may heal and be freed from their grasp. With this newfound freedom, we help you develop new skills to walk a better path with a stronger, clearer, healthier sense of self and help you repair the relationships that may have been damaged along the way. Your courage and our guidance are touchstones of your recovery.

Begin your Healing Journey today and get started on your road to recovery and healing with 1 Method Center.