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1 Method Center has four different residential facilities. Two of our facilities only serve 6 people at a time, which means that every group therapy session has a maximum of 6 clients. The other two facilities are licensed as an “integral facility” and are located across the street from each other. These houses still hold 6 people each, but this license allows us to increase creativity with group therapy sessions as clients from both houses are allowed to participate in programming together. This increases diversity in the group setting and increases our ability to incorporate additional skill building and social activities.

We’re located in the quiet neighborhoods of Cheviot Hills and Westwood. Our treatment setting is intimate from the standpoint of capacity and location. Every aspect of our clinical approach is calming and designed to promote a healthy lifestyle that fosters renewal and encourages a positive treatment experience. These elements work together symbiotically to improve your mindset and motivation for you to stay in the process. We recognize the monumental decision you are making when you enter treatment.

Begin your Healing Journey today and get started on your road to recovery and healing with 1 Method Center.

Understanding More

Each of our facilities provide a comfortable living space for individuals to come together with ample room to reflect and breathe. There’s more than enough people to create a sense of community. It will quickly become apparent that you and your fellow residents share one common goal – the hope of feeling better. And once you have made it through our doors, you have already won half that battle. You will find a place where the unique characteristics that make you an individual are recognized and celebrated.

Our goal is to get to know you and help you get to better know yourself. We want to assist you in finding your strengths and determining what methods of coping and communication work best for you. We want to help you discover what will allow you to thrive inside and outside of 1 Method’s programs. You will have the opportunity to create in-depth, meaningful relationships with peers and staff. You will not feel like you are walking alone.

Like a cooperative learning setting, you will have the opportunity to learn from those around you. The connections you make here will keep you engaged on a path of learning and processing, allowing you to recover mentally, physically and spiritually. You will gain more and more clarity as you participate in small groups, outings, and conversations

Our program size allows you to focus on strengthening the core components of recovery, at your own pace, in the manner that is best for you. Our size ensures your voice is heard; your needs are met. At 1 Method Center, you can begin to heal and achieve a fulfilling life.