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Support for every stage of recovery

Struggling with substance abuse, dual diagnosis, or mental illness is not easy, and making the decision to get help can be difficult. Understanding the process and the benefits of checking into 1 Method Center will help you take that life-changing, positive first step. Each of our programs offers a specialized, three-fold approach to treatment that starts with designing a tailor-made, individualized plan of care to meet your needs. This includes, but isn’t limited to: 1-on-1 therapy, evidence-based treatments (e.g., psychiatry, mental health evaluations, medical screening, medication mgmt., etc.) and holistic measures. This plan is routinely reviewed, calibrated and fine-tuned to ensure that you are on the right track and that we are appropriately addressing your diagnosis while attending to your mind, body, and spirit. Second, we follow the Stages of Change model to deliver proper treatment at the right time. This means we don’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Third, we’re the only program in the nation that employs a specialized health and fitness protocol for addiction, dual diagnosis, and mental health issues. These elements work in synergy to create a superior, effective, and personalized residential treatment experience that is designed specifically for you.

Begin your Healing Journey today and get started on your road to recovery and healing with 1 Method Center.

Residential Options

Checking into 1 Method is the genesis of a life-changing experience where healing and recovery can truly begin. A safe haven where your physical and spiritual wellbeing is as important as your mental health, we work with you on an individual basis at a pace that is comfortable and makes sense for you.  Our 1-on-1 approach and boutique hotel environment is reflective of our philosophy and caters to your individual needs so your full potential can be achieved.

Situated in the peaceful residential neighborhood of Cheviot and Beverly Hills, we have five independent options for consideration. Each offers highly personalized treatment, focused 1-on-1 care, holistic services, our specialized health program, and customized care based on the Stages of Change.

Medical Detoxification

Using drugs for an extended period of time causes dangerous and harmful toxins to build up in your system. Medical detoxification works to eliminate these toxins and free you from your physiological dependencies. Our safe, individualized detox process is conducted and closely supervised by a board-certified medical doctor and a psychiatrist. We employ tapering, titration, and integrative methods for detox, as well as MAT when clinically indicated. This program allows you to move at your own pace and is available (if you choose) without enrolling in an ongoing residential care program.

Primary Care

The clinical focus of this program is designed to identify problems in order to effectively treat them and is offered to only six people at a time. The level of individualized care provided is unparalleled. Services include, but aren’t limited to: detoxification, psychological and psychiatric evaluations, advanced medical treatments, 1-on-1 therapy, our integrated Health & Fitness Program, and many other evidence-based and holistic modalities. This program helps restore a sense of balance to your life.

Continuing Care

The severity of addiction and mental health problems range significantly. In many situations our specialized Primary Care process is sufficient to restore the mind and body and provide a strong foundation for recovery. However, if the emotional issues are deep-seated, a longer period of intensive therapy and psychiatry may be needed. This is where our Continuing Care option is advisable. This program treats a maximum of six people, increases the frequency of individual sessions, and targets the underlying problems that may be interrupting the healing process.

Extended Care

With residential treatment, leaving is as important as arriving. Extended Care is designed to help you depart safely from the inpatient setting with a toolbox of preparedness and resources that help you transition to a purposeful life. Offering coaching and 1-on-1 therapy, the curriculum focuses on: life-skills, coping mechanisms, healthy relationships, career/education counseling, emotional balance – and many other personal growth and transition-related issues. This program accommodates eight people at a time, employs our integrated philosophy, and helps to galvanize the recovery process.

Independent Living

Moderately structured, the Independent Living Program offers the full complement of amenities and services that has made 1 Method the treatment program of choice. Housing no more than six clients, Independent Living is a dignified setting that helps make the transition to a permanent sober existence a little easier by mirroring real, everyday life without the hassle and drama of a crowded sober living home. 

We make your time with us count

A unique aspect of 1 Method is our philosophy: Individual problems need to be treated in individual ways. What kind of treatment do you need and how much time will it require? That’s the million-dollar question and most “experts” agree that longer-term care yields the most positive results. But that’s probably because most programs offer a group-based (meaning many bodies) approach as opposed to focusing on individuals. Healing takes more time if the treatment isn’t targeted. At 1 Method, we believe the quality of treatment is far more important than the amount of time you spend getting treated. The more precise the care, the more rapidly (and effectively) it takes. To that end, we make your time with us count by using it wisely to focus on you. When care is individualized, largely 1-on-1, and delivered by a multidisciplinary team of licensed professionals, it’s clearly more targeted than group therapy alone.

With several residential treatment options to choose from, you can try one or elect to sign up for many or all of them. Whether you need short, medium, or long-term care, know that you have more than one way to reach your goals – it’s your choice. Don’t get overwhelmed. If you have questions, just pick up the phone or send us a message.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Substance use disorders, addiction, and alcoholism often go hand-in-hand with co-occurring disorders. In fact, upward of 45% of those exhibiting signs of these conditions will also simultaneously exhibit signs of mental illness. This is referred to as having a “dual diagnosis.” In some cases, these co-occurring mental health symptoms are actually the primary cause of addiction to begin with. In other circumstances they are only a byproduct of the addiction. The latter tends to occur when the use of drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications alters brain chemistry to the degree that mental instability results. Every situation is unique and deciphering what came first is one of the reasons people choose 1 Method Center. Our approach is evidence-based, largely 1-on-1, and includes multiple comprehensive evaluations to treat not only addiction, but dual diagnosis and mental illness as well.

Begin your Healing Journey today and get started on your road to recovery and healing with 1 Method Center.

Mental Health Treatment

Mental health issues affect millions of Americans every year. When experienced firsthand, the need for support and quality treatment is abundantly clear. The devastation that accompanies untreated mental health problems can be shocking. The economic impact alone is estimated at $193.2 billion per year, which pales in comparison to the reality that those living with a serious mental illness die (on average) 25 years earlier than others. In fact, among the 20.2 million adults in the U.S. who experience a substance use disorder, 45% to 50.5% – 10.2 million adults – have a co-occurring mental illness. These are alarming numbers and serve to drive home the point that mental illness should always be taken seriously. Accordingly, 1 Method offers mental health treatment based on the best practice guidelines developed in partnership between researchers, policy makers, and the nation’s leading authorities on mental illness. With a sophisticated, 1-on-1, by-the-numbers system of multidisciplinary evaluations, we carefully identify the core problems so that proper integrated care can be initiated. This evidence-based and comprehensive focus on achieving a substantiated diagnosis ensures your treatment is customized to your specific mental health-related needs. This is just one of many reasons 1 Method is widely considered the leading therapeutic setting in southern California for those experiencing addiction, dual diagnosis, and mental health issues.

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Leading professionals agree that 1 Method is remarkably well-designed. Each aspect of the program works in synergy with another. The resulting clinical experience sets us apart from standard rehab settings. A few that call for deeper understanding and exploration are:

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Begin your Healing Journey today and get started on your road to recovery and healing with 1 Method Center.