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If it’s not one thing, it’s another

Living with an addiction is tough. Battling that addiction while simultaneously struggling with a psychiatric disorder is even tougher. It’s even harder still when the condition that is specific to you goes undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or completely ignored. Identifying Dual Diagnosis is key, yet many treatment centers fall short because they focus primarily on addiction and often overlook the signs of underlying mental illness that often goes hand in hand with the addiction. The gold standard treatment for dual diagnosis is very different than simple treatment for addiction. 1 Method outshines other treatment centers because we recognize the difference between the two.

For treatment to work effectively, getting the correct diagnosis is as critical as receiving proper, effective, 1-on-1 treatment. For nearly two decades, 1 Method has been a leading treatment center for Dual Diagnosis. We don’t just look for addiction. We see the myriad problems that go hand in hand with it and know how to identify them. And then we create viable solutions with individualized treatment programs that work because we focus on what everyone else has been missing and what matters most. We see you.

Our approach to treatment of dual diagnosis is so highly specialized that we’ve been heralded as the leading licensed dual diagnosis treatment center and privately- held therapeutic environment in Southern California.

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What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis (also referred to as co-occurring disorders) is defined as someone who suffers from mental illness (depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc.) and substance use disorder (like drug or alcohol dependency) at the same time. These two separate diagnoses come with their unique battles that demand diligence on their own. When they wage war together and occur at the same time, they create a more complex set of problems and issues because they may mask as one or the other and not as a hybrid and distinct result of each. This frequently leads to misdiagnosis and improper treatment because each is often identified and treated individually and not recognized as working together in concert as well as combat. The back-and-forth game between these two conflicting afflictions creates a vicious cycle of misdiagnosis where inadequate and ineffectual treatment can lead to a long road of frustration. As a whole, together, Dual Diagnosis reveals an entirely different landscape consisting of multiple layers that require skilled understanding and a finely tuned, integrated treatment approach to achieve balanced, effective results.

For example, while depression and substance use disorder present individual challenges for stand-alone treatment, they often go unnoticed together as being a single yet combined-unit illness that can and must be treated as one. These delays exacerbate the cycle and magnify the individual issues, thereby causing the collective whole to be unrecognized. As it continues to fly under the radar and go untreated, the cycle continues. Clinicians who treat these issues separately waste valuable time when they overlook or miss this elusive target. Dual Diagnosis must be treated as a whole puzzle and not as two isolated or independent pieces.

There is no hard, fast rule as to whether a mental illness like depression leads to substance misuse or if substance use disorder leads to mental illness to trigger Dual Diagnosis. Co-occurring disorders are intertwined and require a highly trained professional who knows how to properly diagnose this condition. It also demands an equally qualified clinician to treat it successfully. With the sharp rise in cases of Dual Diagnosis and the prevalence of it showing no signs of abating, Dual Diagnosis is recognized as a significant issue in the world of addiction and mental health treatment, although studies demonstrate standard group-based rehabs are ill-equipped to understand and effectively treat the issue.

20 Years of Experience

1 Method has long been at the forefront in diagnosis and treatment for co-occurring disorders. We recognized early on that Dual Diagnosis is not only very specific but also specific to each individual. We know that your life depends on the best treatment outcome possible. Using an integrative clinical model we customize individually tailored plans to help turn lives around. With the correct diagnosis and proper treatment, you can move forward. We don’t stand still and neither should you. We know how to help you achieve a full recovery so you can lead a productive, fulfilling life. Choosing a program can be daunting. Finding one that will treat you successfully and well shouldn’t have to be. Our tailor-made plans are created for individuals, like you. Learn more about how we customize your care.

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