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Our treatment includes one year of support for your family

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Addiction doesn’t ‘happen’ to one person. It affects everyone that has any sort of relationship or proximity to the afflicted. Usually those who are closest to the one who is entering treatment are suffering, too. Unfortunately, those who are closest tend to suffer in silence. We know this because we have been there. We feel this because we understand the complexity of emotions and range of issues that go hand in hand with addiction. We work with them every single day. The moment your son, daughter, sibling, parent or loved one enters treatment we get a new family member to help. But the circle of love and care does not begin or end there. You also get a whole new family that is there to help you through this difficult and life-changing experience. Being a member of this family, of our family, means working through this together.

Welcome to ours.

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What to Expect from 1 Method

Preparing for Rough Weather

Having an addict in the family changes the dynamics of every relationship within it. Roles are assumed (caregiver, enabler, good cop, bad cop) and those are often choices that are made. We help you explore the roles you’ve taken on or accepted and give you tools to assist you in reclaiming your own individuality as opposed to being encumbered by a part that resulted from a set of circumstances. The key to getting there is being willing to open the door to this exploration.

Make no mistake. Families are messy at best. There are a lot of expectations and assumptions made. Getting to the sources of the issues involves digging deeper and sometimes getting dirty so that sunlight can be found and recognized. There will be rainy days (filled with tears) and even some potentially angry storms ahead but we can assure you that the weather pattern will improve as everyone works together. Even the best meteorologist can’t predict with 100% accuracy when the clouds will pass, but science has proven that things can and do change with time. We have the evidence-based science of our work to prove that it does.

Learning to Set Aside Fear

What if…? It’s the question that keeps parents and families up at night as they worry about their loved one. Fear is the driving factor behind that question and we have worked with families as they have faced their biggest fears and toughest challenges. Fear of the unknown is a motivating force for doing nothing. But because we know the alternatives and how to treat your loved one as well as your family, we take that fear out of the equation. We replace fear with hope. We know how to do this because this is what we do every single day. More importantly, we see results. Choosing hope over fear is the beginning. Choosing 1 Method Center is where hope starts to feel real.

Letting Go of Guilt

There isn’t a family member we’ve met or worked with who hasn’t expressed some sort of guilt, remorse or anger for not having seen the signs or done something sooner. “Sooner” is a relative term when it comes to addiction or dual diagnosis and it has nothing to do with you. One of the first things you will learn as a family member/loved one is that your personal issues are separate from what is being treated. Getting treatment means learning to accept responsibility and to letting go of the victim role – whether you are the one being treated or a loving family member who is part of the inner circle.

Nobody benefits from your feeling guilty. Everyone benefits from doing the work that comes from taking the necessary steps to understanding the root causes, behaviors (enabling or not) and a host of other contributing factors that may have led to the illness or accepting treatment. Finger pointing and blame won’t lead to real solutions or successful recovery. Responsibility, an open mind and a forgiving heart will help direct the energy toward a positive experience that will yield awareness, better communication, and a foundation of healing.

You are not alone Call us anytime

Think about it. Millions of people have sought treatment over the years and they have had millions of family members, friends and loved ones who have been through (at least parts of) it with them. The isolation and stigma associated with having someone in treatment is as old as some of the methods that were once employed to help them in the past, with little consideration given to families who were suffering as well. As a result, it became clear that the tentacles of addiction/dual diagnosis extend beyond the afflicted individual and affect everyone in their midst.

To think that this is happening “only to you” as your loved one undergoes treatment is one of the many misconceptions we will help you rethink and navigate. Removing this sense of shame and solitary confinement from something that is rampant in today’s reality is as important as having the courage to have frank discussions of what it means to you and your perception of the world you live in framed against the world that has been the reality of the afflicted. We will facilitate discussions that help you learn how to better listen and understand each other, using clear language so you can traverse the “us versus them” notion. These two cleverly operate simultaneously and are often in conflict with one another, which is common when frustrations are high and nerves are frazzled. The bridge between them begins and ends with the most important tool of the trade when it comes to addiction. That tool is honesty.

Once you unlock the ability to convey how you feel, be open and honest, a new world will reveal itself and make much of the unknowable (or even unthinkable) known. Your relationships will evolve from a place of awareness and sensitivity and your ability to deal with issues that are around you (or even your own) will change significantly because of the work we do with you to help you find your way.

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Aside from providing one year of support for your family, other aspects of our clinical approach are also endorsed by leading experts. A few that call for deeper understanding and exploration are:

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