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by | Mar 13, 2015 | Blog

Our program is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment centers in the nation. Yet, this is not a hospital-styled rehab. We have distinguished ourselves among other “rehabs” by creating an environment that is designed not for a group – but rather – for you.

At 1 Method Center you’ll experience the therapeutic benefits of a carefully constructed personal treatment plan that is designed to provide you with everything you’ll need to achieve a full recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders. And our staff is committed to you, no matter what time of day or night, to provide expert, individual guidance every step of the way, in order to help you succeed in the program and realize your true potential.

The Top 5 Reasons People Choose 1 Method Center


1 on 1 Approach

In a hospital-styled rehab, you’ll be herded from one group to the next, with your “treatment” occasionally augmented by an individual session. Conversely, we work with you one on one, with your treatment occasionally augmented by a group.


Health & Fitness Program

We don’t just treat your addiction, we treat all of you. Our Health and Fitness program is based on cutting-edge neuroscience and advanced methods developed in the field of Integrative Biology and Physiology. The results this program offers are unparalleled.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We create customized treatment plans that employ a host of integrative modalities including one on one therapy and advanced medical treatments. We don’t just claim to treat dual diagnosis, our program is designed to treat dual diagnosis.


Private Family Sessions

In traditional treatment centers, the family “program” usually consists of large, impersonal didactic sessions and group processes. Conversely, we offer loved ones the dignity of a more personalized and effective one on one family treatment experience.


Personal Treatment Plans

Your treatment will be centered on a personal treatment plan, built to meet your specific needs and that offers a more effective therapeutic experience that includes advanced medical treatments, one on one therapies, holistic measures and a customized Health and Fitness program.

Cassidy Cousens

Cassidy Cousens

Cassidy Cousens is the founder of 1 Method Center. He’s worked in behavioral health treatment for over 20 years. Cassidy specializes in the Integrated Model of Care and is widely viewed as an expert in behavioral health. To talk with Cassidy call 1-310-254-9479.